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Our Fees


Our consultations can either be at our office in Bundaberg or over the telephone if you are unable to attend in person.

Fees for Ongoing Matters

Charltons Lawyers charge fees to our clients in one of two ways.  We either work on the basis of a “Fixed Fee” quoted before the work commences on your matter or on a time recorded basis where the work undertaken on your matter is recorded and charged at an hourly rate.


The hourly rate charge depends on whether the work can be performed by an administrative staff member, Solicitor, Associate or Partner.


Charltons Lawyers are able to offer competitive, fixed fees for residential conveyancing.  Our other areas of practice are charged on a time recorded basis.  At the commencement of your matter, we will send to you a detailed Fee Agreement, however it is not always possible to provide a realistic estimate of the legal fees likely to be payable in your matter.  This is because it may take some time to understand the complexity of your matter, what is involved and the work that is required before this information can be provided. 


We do endeavour to provide our clients with information concerning the legal costs at the earliest possible opportunity. 


We also endeavour to ensure that our communication with you in relation to our costs is open and honest.  At all times, we encourage our clients to raise any queries or concerns with the Solicitor with the carriage of the matter or our Office Manager.

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