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Privacy Policy

1. Transparency

Charltons Lawyers is committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with information on how we handle your personal information. We ensure that your personal information is secure and that we use your personal information in accordance with The Privacy Act 1988 (as amended), (“the Act).

2. Collection, Dealing and Notification of your Personal Information

The type of information that we collect depends on the transactions and/or services that you require from us. We will only collect the personal information that is required for us to undertake our business functions. This personal information may include items such as your full name, alias or previous name, date of birth, address (email and postal), telephone number, bank details, drivers licence number, property details, company details, occupation and/or any other information that is relevant to our business transaction with you. This may include information about associations, memberships, health information and details of any criminal records that you may have.


If you decide that you do not want to provide us with your personal information that we request, we may not be able to provide adequate business services to you.


Collection of your information will generally be from you directly (either verbally or by written correspondence) however we may indirectly obtain personal information in the event that it is impractical or unreasonable to collect personal information directly from you. Generally we will notify you in advance when we obtain personal information indirectly however there may be instances where this is not possible. In these circumstances we will notify you as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so.


Storage of your personal information will occur in paper and electronic form. We will undertake all reasonable measures to store this information securely by way of our electronic databases requiring logins and passwords and all paper files only being accessed in a controlled premises. All employees and third parties that have access to your personal information are subject to our confidentiality obligations.

3. Use and Disclosure of your Personal Information

Unless we have obtained your consent otherwise, we will only use your personal information for the business reasons that we collect this information. The reasons will be apparent to you when we collect/disclose/use your personal information, and it will only be for our business transactions and in accordance with the Act.In the event that we use external service providers (who may have access to some of your personal information) we will only use this information to the extent necessary for us to provide business services. These external service providers may be bound by the Act and must adhere to confidentiality obligations.


Our website may contain links to external websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these websites.

4. Marketing

We may use your personal information to market our products and services to you, if you no longer want to receive marketing communication from us please contact (07) 4152 2311 or email The personal information used for marketing will be used to inform you of our firm events, articles, and/or areas of the law that may be of interest to you.

5. Quality and Security of Personal Information

We will ensure, to the reasonable extent possible, that all personal information:


(a) that we collect is accurate, up to date and complete (having regard to the purpose);

(b) that we use/disclose is accurate, up to date, complete and relevant (having regard to the purpose);

(c) is protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification, disclosure (physically and electronically); and

(d) is destroyed or de-identified if the information is no longer required.

6. Cross-Border Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not disclose your personal information to a recipient overseas unless it is with your consent or compliant with the Act.

7. Government Related Identifiers

We will not use or disclose government related identifiers of you to a government unless required to do so by law and/or necessary for us to verify your identity and/or to fulfil our business functions.

8. Access and Correction of your Personal Information

If you would like to access any personal information that we hold about you and/or you believe that the personal information that we hold about you requires correction please contact us on (07) 4152 2311 or email If required by law we will provide this information to you and/or correct the personal information.

9. Concerns Regarding Breach of Privacy

If you wish to complain about an alleged breach of privacy:(a) Firstly provide the concern in writing to the person you are dealing with;(b) Secondly, if the concern cannot be resolved with the person you are dealing with please contact our practice manager who will investigate your concerns; and(c) Thirdly, in the unlikely event that your concern cannot be resolved within our firm you can refer the matter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

At Charltons Lawyers your privacy is important to us

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