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Charltons Lawyers conducts an extensive conveyancing practice which includes sales and purchases of:-


  • Residential land and dwellings;

  • Rural properties (including cane farms, small crops and grazing  properties);

  • Commercial land and buildings; and

  • Businesses.


We are also the Bundaberg and district Settlement Agents for numerous financial institutions. 


Our conveyancing files are directly supervised by a Solicitor and, if you reside in or around the Bundaberg district, you will meet with your Solicitor on at least one occasion, or our Solicitors will communicate with you by telephone or email if you reside outside the Bundaberg district. 


In any transaction, we prefer to review the Contract prior to it being signed by our client.  The reason for this is that it is much easier to sort out any potential problems prior to the Contract being signed rather than reacting to problems as they arise during the course of the transaction.  We believe that if sufficient effort is put into getting the Contract right in the first place, the transaction will flow smoothly towards settlement.  In most transactions involving residential land or dwellings, we do not charge an additional fee for reviewing the Contract prior to our client signing it. 


If we consult with you before you sign your Contract, we will:- 


  • Draft any necessary clauses to protect your interests;

  • Ensure that you are satisfied that the property is not subject to flooding.  If you have any doubts about that, we will recommend that a Special Condition be inserted in the Contract to allow you to make suitable enquiries;

  • Advise you regarding your obligations under the Contract to insure the property; and

  • Advise you regarding the important terms of the contract. 


If you are buying a property, some of the matters we will address in the course of your transaction are:- 


  • Ensuring that the Contract includes provision for you to obtain a Building and/or Pest Inspection;

  • Include a Special Condition enabling you to check whether all necessary Council approvals and inspections have been conducted in respect of the improvements on the property;

  • Determine whether the Seller owes any land tax to the Office of State Revenue as a result of the ownership of the property (Land tax attaches to the property, not the Owner);

  • Check with the Department of Main Roads and Queensland Transport to ensure that your property will not be affected by any road or transport infrastructure;

  • Check with the Local Council to ensure that all Council rates are paid up to date and to determine if there are any flooding issues affecting the property; and

  • A search of the Contaminated Land Register and the Environmental Management Register to ensure that the property is not affected by any notices under the Environment Protection Act or Orders from a Court relating to environmental issues. 


If you are purchasing a business, we will ensure that you fully understand the terms of your Contract and recommend to you any due diligence enquiries which you should make. 


If you require a quote in respect of our fees, please contact us.  In transactions involving residential land and dwellings, we are usually able to provide you with a precise quote which will include the amount of our professional fees, the cost to us of any searches which we conduct on your behalf and the amount of Stamp Duty which you will be required to pay to the Office of State Revenue (Queensland Government). 


In more complex transactions, one of our Solicitors may need to consult with you either personally or by telephone in order for us to determine how much work is likely to be involved in properly representing you in relation to your proposed sale or purchase. 


Please feel free to call us should you wish to discuss any aspect of any proposed sale or purchase.

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